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Environmental, Health & Safety Services (EHSS)

Our consultancy include:

Management of occupational hazards

We will advice you on personal protective equipment (PPE), safety training, safety signage, safety inspection checklist, unsafe act, incident recall technique (IRT), emergency response plan and so on.

Environment Hazard

Some common environment hazards are noise, inadequate lighting, inadequate ventilation, insufficient workspace, dust carpet, wet or oil floor and so on. We will determine the level of the hazards and recommend ways to reduce them.

Physical Hazards

Common physical hazards include ungrounded electrical equipment, exposed electrical joints/wiring, insufficient warning for physical location. We can help you to determine the hidden hazards.

Chemical Hazards

We will show you the checklist and guide how to handle chemicals and toxic gases. Different chemicals and gases have different toxicity, odor, boiling point and flammability. Each one has a different method to handle it safely.

As Environmental, Health and Safety issues gain more significance, the goal of our EHSS specialists are to provide  high quality health and safety services to assist our customers on finding the right health and safety solutions.

We provide a complete and comprehensive range of services that include:

  • Comprehensive safety plans.
  • Behavioural based safety process.
  • Total facility inspections.
  • Wellness programs.
  • Formations of Emergency Response Teams (ERT) for fire fighting, first aid and flood teams.
  • Safety committee setup.

We manage Health and Safety

1. Morally - by looking after your employees and keeping them safe.

2. Legally - by ensuring you are in compliance with Govt. Legislations.

3. Economically - by reducing sick pay, compensation payouts, insurance etc.

Anachem Service believes people's health and safety always come first.

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